Dr Zhivago 



Four birds will know

when the snow falls again,

it will light up the faces,

but I wonít see all of them.


Maybe saintly, even faintly amused,

by your blatant stuttering.

Iím forever forward going backwards,

thatís always been my problem


Dr Zhivago, please come and help her

Iím waiting on your call,

the four birds canít help her,

so here lies the snow.


Take your time doc,

we are the masters of patience,

want another coffee doc?

We wouldnít want you to sleep.


So we trust in your decision,

to cure with good intentions.

We will gather around her tonight

to sing our hearts out.





Orange breath rebellion 


Last night I read all the horror books

You so kindly left by the side of our bed.

Titles like, living forever and raising a child,

scare me as much as never losing.


I go to sleep dreaming of being broke,

no food to feed the young,

no clothes to keep them warm,

no chance of living long.


Tossing and turning, I awake to find Iím dead,

was I noble and courageous? Or did I take the easy way out?

Of all my restraints you are my favourite,

but Thirst is my only agenda.


Boys got a lot to learn about nature,

Boys got a lot to be scared of,

Itís not about being a man; itís about being human

and we all have a weakness


I want to go back, make it all right again.

Work a lot or a little more.

Not pretending to be a perfect father,

But I am close to beginning.





A little peace of mind


A fan beats its wings,

while the sun beams a smile,

the ring of a bell,

atones in the silence.

pick up a pen,

scribble down a namesake.

Look, see, and find a place

for this changing whatever.


A picture on a wall

with a woman bathed in cotton,

behind her a sky

made to raise the dead.

We bow down our heads

to figure out godís problems,

leave our shoes outside the door,

Itís for him to choose!


Reminisce a book,

you never liked,

until youíd finished.

My underachievement eyes

can barely read the lines,

a journey far too long,

for a mind tired of talking,

Iíll give up on laughing,

If only to find my way.


My heart is another version,

of frostbites winter excursion,

greenish coloured questions,

waiting in the breeze.

When you feel the need

to start treading water,

wait for the right rain cloud

that spells out your name.





Move over Father Gunman


Move over father Gunman,

Your aim is sandwich spread,

Point the barrel down to listen,

ďDo you remember what you said?Ē

Youíd ďdisciplineĒ your children,

While working off the beach.

To them youíd give your blessings,

For them youíd need to breath.



God alone will know,

What you must be thinking now,

Living in our patience,

Our heads to square to bow.

Him, He has pink berets,

Me? a wooden heart.

But weíll go on walking backwards,

Cause our life is who we are.